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 Hollow Registration

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Kinai Shirogane
Bleach Leader/Admin/2 Tailed Dragon Ninja
Bleach Leader/Admin/2 Tailed Dragon Ninja
Kinai Shirogane

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PostSubject: Hollow Registration   Wed Jun 18, 2008 10:08 pm

A hollow is a bad thing in the Soul Society.It is kinda like a demon.They don't start out as strong as a soul reaper.But when you become a higher rank you can be stronger than a soul reaper.The two strongest ranks of the hollows are the Vasto Lorde, and an Arrancer.An Arrancer is the strongest of them all.But the two strongest hollow groups are the Espadas and the Vaizards.The Vaizards are soul reapers but gain hollow powers.Just like Ichigo.An Espada has super strong skin and has something like a zanpaktou.When they are in their released form they turn into like a wierd hollow.But their speed and strength is increased dramatically.When they are in released form they turn into like a beast.So if you want to sign up to be a hollow register here.
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Hollow Registration
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